Short films

Peili /Mirror

short film, (no premier yet)

Näyttökuva 2018-09-13 kello 8.02.34

More about the film in Marjo Viitala’s artist page in AV-Arkki.

Longing for love and acceptance gets us to pursue for each other’s company. However it is easier to let close one person than another. The starting point and the rules are not same for everybody.


Valehtelija / Liar Girl

short fiction,  2018

Valehtelija stilli 3


Varma merkki / Sure Sign

Jarno does anything to avoid heartbreak. Absurd comedy about paranoia in love.

short fiction film,  2018



Linturetki / Bird Flight

Where you there, did you hear the birds?

short fiction, 2011

Linturetki Saara.png


Peniskateus / Penis Envy

For a moment a little girl wants to be a boy.

short fiction film, 2007



Siunaus / Blessing

short documentary film, 2008



Kotimaan uutisia / Domestic News

short documentary film, 2005





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