Short films

Peili /Mirror

short film, 2019

Näyttökuva 2018-09-13 kello 8.02.34

More about the film in Marjo Viitala’s artist page in AV-Arkki.


Valehtelija / Liar Girl

short fiction,  2018

Valehtelija stilli 3


Varma merkki / Sure Sign

Jarno does anything to avoid heartbreak. Absurd comedy about paranoia in love.

short fiction film,  2018



Linturetki / Bird Flight

Where you there, did you hear the birds?

short fiction, 2011

Linturetki Saara.png


Peniskateus / Penis Envy

For a moment a little girl wants to be a boy.

short fiction film, 2007



Siunaus / Blessing

short documentary film, 2008



Kotimaan uutisia / Domestic News

short documentary film, 2005





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