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Peili / Mirror , single source work (no premier yet)

Näyttökuva 2018-09-13 kello 8.02.34

Peili / Mirror (2018), single source work (more information coming soon)

Rakastetuksi ja hyväksytyksi tulemisen kaipuu ajaa meitä etsimään toistemme läheisyyttä. Toisen ihmisen päästää kuitenkin helpommin lähelleen kuin toisen. Lähtökohdat ja säännöt eivät ole kaikille samat.

Longing for love and acceptance gets us to pursue for each other’s company. However it is easier to let close one person than another. The starting point and the rules are not same for everybody.

Peili / Mirror (2014), installation

The ”Peili” work is based on the Mirror game familiar from childhood. The game is a metaphor for people’s social relationships. One part of the work is interactive. The viewers get to test their own experiences and to become part of the work.

Seksillä kotiin / Home With Sex (2014), installation

”Seksillä kotiin” is a study on people’s inner speech and messages that do not get through the way we want them to.


Tapahtumahorisontti / Event Horizon Seinäjoki Art Hall / Seinäjoen Taidehalli, 2016

Tapahtumahorisontti / Event Horizon Art Center Mältinranta / Taidekeskus Mältinranta, 2016

Tapahtumahorisontti / Event Horizon Galleria Huuto, 2014

Exhibition ”Event Horizon” examines one of the basic needs of human beings: intimacy. The whole consists of two video installations: ”Mirror” and ”Home With Sex”. Longing for intimacy is part of the need to be seen and understood. It is part of the need to be near someone both physically and mentally.

As media artist I try to bring forward people’s reactions in situations of encounter through various games and acting methods. My instrument is moving picture and my form installation. I seek reduced expression. By using different methods and games, I try to make the performers forget themselves and let the subtle hints of their bodies and expressions reveal their inner worlds in the present moment.

Photos:  Seinäjoki Art Hall, Miika Vainionkulma; Art Center Mältinranta, Taru Kunnari; Poster, Marjo Viitala & Esa Laukkanen



Tapahtumahorisontti / Event Horizon / Bothnia Biennale moods captured by Tomi Saarijärvi


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