Festival News 2018


Sure Sign (Varma merkki), 2018, is selected to 2annas International Short Film Festival in Riga, Latvia 26.11.-2.12.2018,  Schlingel International Film Festival in Chemnitz, Germany,  1.-10.10.2018, the 60th Nordics Filmtage Lübeck  in Germany,  30.10.-4.11.2018 and Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival 12.-18.11.2018. Earlier this year Sure Sign was shown in Espoo Cine and it won a bunch of Kalevi awards.



Liar Girl (Valehtelija), 2018, is selected to the 60th Nordische Filmtage Lübeck  in Germany,  30.10.-4.11.2018 and Olympia International Film Festival , in Athens, Greece, 1.-8.12.2018. Liar Girl will be also shown in Finnish Film Week on 16.-22.11.2018 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Earlier this year Liar Girl was shown in Tampere Film Festival  , Season Film Festival and in Kino K13 on Night of Arts.




Increasingly, an oldie from 2007,  Penis Envy (Peniskateus), was shown in an event Shortfilms by Finnish Female Filmmakers  in Stockholm 20.10.2018.


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